16 Nov, 2019 (Updated at 09:00am)


Dear Valued Customers,


Due to the latest challenges in traffic, Hilti Hong Kong will operate under special arrangement with limited resources on 16 Nov 2019. Please check out the service level details as follows:


Service channels:

1. Hilti Stores in Tai Kok Tsui operates as usual, while opening time might be adjusted based on the developing situations. Please get the latest update from our website. Besides, Hilti Stores in Mong Kok is closed today; Macau store operates as usual.

2. Customer Service E-mail remains open at hksales@hilti.com; Hotline 8228-8118 are closed today.

3. Hilti Website, www.hilti.com.hk, operates as normal, including ordering and new registration.

4. Account Managers: your account manager can be reached by phone for any enquiries.

5. Engineers: E-mail at hksales@hilti.com for calculation advice where hotline is closed meantime or; visit our technical platform at www.ask.hilti.com.hk for general enquiries and discussion.


Service arrangements:

1. Delivery Service: For Hong Kong and Macau, normal delivery service continues, while please expect potential delay depending on actual traffic situation. Same day delivery service is suspended.

2. Repair Service: Repair service, and respective time promise will be suspended in Hong Kong, due to temporary closure of Tool Service Centre. Tool collection for repair service continues in Macau.

3. Fleet Management Service: Loan tool and Peak demand service continues as normal, depending on traffic situation.

4. Other Services: Please consult your respective account manager.


Please stay tuned with our latest update on news centre in Hilti Website. Your understanding is highly appreciated and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


Best Regards,


Hilti (Hong Kong) Limited