Hilti Chairman Dr. Pius Baschera sharing session with HKUST students

On the 19th of June, Dr. Pius Baschera, who had served as CEO of Hilti for 13 years and currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors, attended a sharing session to meet with a group of bright business and engineering students from HKUST in Hong Kong.  The session was organized in collaborative effort with HKUST Business School.  In the session, Dr. Pius Baschera shared his experiences and thoughts on the value of being a best employer and Hilti’s leadership philosophy and strategies to build and retain a high performance culture.

Dr. Pius Baschera enlightened the students on the importance of ensuring a caring atmosphere in any work environment, and the role it serves in building an attractive, performance-oriented destination for employees.  A balance between work and leisure, deliberate individual attention and the avocation of open speech, he says, are critical in developing the optimal team. These very principled are the very ones instilled in the Hilti culture to cultivate staff with outstanding leadership.

MOHK’s Sales Director, Mr. Michael Leung, an HKUST alumnus himself, shortly after delivered a speech on the people and business vision and global career opportunities starting at Hilti Hong Kong. He talked about his eight years in the company and his insights on empowering a team of individuals to exhibit great leadership and productivity. The students were given time to ask Hilti’s senior executives’ questions and tune into their career advice. 

The session was ended with a thank you speech by Mr. Sean Ferguson, Associate Dean of Master's Programs – School of Business and Management.  We look forward to the next collaboration event with HKUST and continue to build Hilti employer brand at universities.