The SF 2-A12 and SF 2H-A12 offer high performance drilling and hammer drilling in a small package


The SF 2-A12 and SF 2H-A12 offer high performance drilling and hammer drilling in a small package

With a more compact size and reduced weight, the next generation of the Hilti SF 2-A12 cordless drill driver and SF 2H-A12 cordless hammer drill driver offer a high-performance solution for working in cramped or hard-to-reach spaces.

Suitable for a broad range of materials



Working with metal






Compact and lightweight increasing productivity for working in tight or overhead spaces

SF 2H-A12 for drilling through metal

Drilling and driving in metal

The high rotational speed, compact design and low weight make these drill drivers ideal for working overhead or in repetitive applications such as driving metal screws.

SF 2-A12 for drilling and driving in to wood

Wood formwork and installation

The combination of a precision clutch and two-speed gearing efficiently deliver power while a broad range of inserts are available for drilling in wood for formwork or fastening handrails. 

SF 2-A12 for installation work in tight spaces

Installation and finishing applications

A brushless motor helps reduce the overall tool size, making it ideal for working in tight spaces. The precision clutch, with two-speed gearing, provides efficient power delivery for tasks such installing cabinets and two bright LED lights give high visibility of the working area.

SF 2H-A12 for drilling through masonry

Hammer drilling in masonry

The hammer drilling mechanism delivers outsized performance with a powerful 1600 rpm drilling speed and 34 Nm hard joint torque, despite the minimized tool size and weight.

SF 2-A12 and SF 2H-A12

Making the choice of a drill driver or hammer drill

Sometimes it can be hard to choose the right tool to meet your jobsite needs. Lots of different factors come into play and it can feel like a degree is needed to understand the differences in size and weight, power, torque or RPM, metal gearing or brushless motors, drilling or hammer drilling functions.

The best place to start is to consider the jobs you need to do and the materials you'll work with. Understand the application the tool will be used for can help to demystify the choices you need to make.

The Hilti advantage

The SF 2-A12 drill driver and SF 2H-A12 hammer drill driver can be used with a broad range of materials and have a brushless motor, compact size and low weight which means they are balanced and easy to hold, suitable for working for long periods which helps to reduce operator fatigue. 

The SF 2-A12 is ideal for applications where you need to drill or fasten in wood, drywall or through metal while the hammer drill function of the SF 2H-A12 makes it also suitable for working with hollow concrete block, masonry or brick.

Both tools have the right mix of power and maneuverability for working in confined spaces, low-light conditions or situations where it’s important to protect base materials. With the choice of B12 2.6, or B12 4.0 batteries you can have enough runtime to last the whole day. 

1 year no-cost warranty, 3 months repair quality guarantee and 3 days repair turn around time promise. So even if your SF 2-A12 or SF 2H-A12 is out of action, we’ll take care of it – fast. 

Hilti accessories increase performance for a wide range of drilling and driving applications

Bit-Set Compact+ Uni S

Bit Set

Bit set covers a wide variety of screw fastening tasks.

Bit Holder

Bit Holder

Bit holder for easy storage and access of driver bits



Premium HSS precision-ground drill bit for drilling small holes in metal.

Masonry Bit

Masonry Bit

Masonry drill bit for drilling holes primarily in bricks, drywall and lightweight concrete.

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