Introducing the SL 6-A22 Construction area light


The SL 6-A22 professional cordless area light that's ready for any jobsite

Horizontal and vertical rotation with multiple mounting options make it the ideal work light for illuminating medium to large spaces.

Features and functions with the jobsite in mind

Adjustable head of the SL 6-A22

Horizontal and vertical rotation

Flexible mounting with the SL 6-A22

Flexible mounting options

Optical design of the SL 6-A22 reduce glare

Optical design to reduce glare

SL 6-A22 offers 9 hours of continuous light

Up to 9 hours of light

SL 6-A22 cordless LED area light can easily attach to many surfaces

Attach wherever you need

Versatile legs let you mount the SL 6-A22 to a variety of surfaces such as pipes, scaffolding, drywall track or boards, while the 5/8” tripod thread allows for the attachment to tripods and other mounting devices.

SL 6-A22 cordless LED area light is designed to focus light

Focused beam for focused work

Reducing glare and light overspill, the optical design in the SL 6-A22 focus the LED beam to give you a smoothg, shadowless views within your working area.

SL 6-A22 cordless LED area light gives you all the brightness without the heat

LED brightness without the heat

Delivering 3000 lumens and 2100 lux @ 1m, the LED panel gives you the brightness you need while staying cool to the touch. 3 brightness modes with “last used” function let you adjust based on needs.

SL 6-A22 cordless area light

Cordless freedom for jobsite lighting

Carrying tools and cables across your job site can be a hassle; that's why we've introduced the latest addition to our jobsite lighting portfolio, the SL 6-A22 cordless area light.

Versatile, flexible and safer

The mounting design and adjustable head on the SL 6-A22 cordless area light allow it to attach or hang on a variety of surfaces such as boards, drywall track, pipes, scaffolding or a tripod to keep it out of the way of people and equipment onsite.

The LED array ensures it's cool to the touch, offering an alternative to corded halogen lamps which can reach over 100 degrees Celcius. The professional optic design provides a sharp cut-off on the edges of the light which reduces light overspill and glare for other contractors you may be working alongside.

Powerful lighting for full coverage

Giving you 3000 lumens, the SL 6-A22 has the power to illuminate an entire room and with a B 22/5.2 h battery it will cover your working day. What's more, it's fully compatible with our 22V range of cordless tools so you can use the batteries you have without the need to search for an additional power source.


See how the SL 6-A22 can keep you working

An integrated 5/8” thread provides you even more flexibity

PUA 25 Tripod

PUA 25 tripod

Heavy-duty tripod, height adjustable between 1.00 m and 1.68 m, weight 3.6 kg

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