Prise en charge d'un outil à réparer au SAV Hilti

Now you can check the progress of your repair tool step by step!

You can view all stages of repair in real time at Hilti Online

You can see the progress of your repair service in real time every step of the way, from requesting repair tool pickup to receiving the completed tool back.

힐티코리아 수리 서비스 프로세스 단계

What are the repair progress stages?

Now you can see the progress of your repair service in real time at every stage for greater transparency

What's new?

  • As soon as you apply for repair service, every step of the process will be registered in our online tracking system
  • You can find all information about tool repair without having to register on the site anymore.

Step-by-step repair reminders


1 - Repair reception

Request repairs at Hilti Korea Customer Center or

We will send you an email with a link to check the progress of your repair service.

Apply for repairs online

2 - pick up

The delivery company will pick up the repaired tool at the customer's desired location.

Please follow the precautions to ensure safe and correct repairs.

Precautions when submitting repairs

3 - Arrival at repair center

Tools submitted for repair are sent to the Hilti Service Center do for repair.

Learn more about our repair services

4 - Quote and Instant Repair

After an estimate has been made, you will need to approve the estimate to proceed with repairs.

If you do not want repairs, you can order a new tool and request that the old tool be scrapped.

Check repair progress

5 -repair

Professional technicians will repair your tools.

NOTE: Repairs may be temporarily held pending shipment of repair parts. In such cases, we will notify you separately.


6 - Delivery of repaired tools

The repaired tool is entrusted to a professional delivery company to be delivered to the customer's desired location.


What should I do if pickup is not possible?

Additional steps will be taken on the repair notice to notify you that the pickup was unsuccessful and we will reschedule your pickup.

How do I know when I can get a quote for my repairs?

You will receive a notification by email and a repair notification with additional steps to let you know when you can receive a quote.

A notification will also appear at the bottom of the screen in your dashboard.

If the quote is not confirmed within 5 days, the repair will be stopped and returned to the customer.

Are replacement tools available during the repair period?

Customers who use the rental tool service can request replacement tools at any time.