Increase construction safety

Protect your employees and design safer buildings

Construction accidents, injuries and long-term illnesses can have a serious impact on individuals and companies. That is why we always go beyond simply complying with codes and regulations and put safety first when we develop our tools, software and services. All our solutions are designed to help your teams work more safely and comfortably and assist your company in designing buildings that are safer, more durable and resilient. 

Use innovative safety systems

When you’re protected, you can work with more confidence. Our safety innovations range from tools featuring Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) to reduce hand–arm vibration and Active Torque Control (ATC) technology to help prevent power tool kickback. For the jobsite, we offer everything from dust removal systems that combine tools and vacuum cleaners to BX 3 cordless fastening tools that are designed to be a cleaner, quieter and virtually dust-free alternative to drilling.

DRS dust control systems EXO-O1 exoskeleton for overhead work

Design with safety in mind

Are you looking to design anchor systems for seismic conditions? Do you need to efficiently document firestop or fastener installations? Or perhaps you are interested in using Building Information Modeling (BIM) so that you can use cast-in devices or prefabrication services and eliminate the need for drilling and welding during the construction phase of your project. Our software solutions can help you make your construction projects safer, more code-compliant and more productive.

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Comply with safety codes

Staying on top of complex health and safety regulations is not always easy. Things change fast and safety violations can lead to costly project delays. To help you stay compliant and find the right solution for your building projects, the Hilti website contains comprehensive data on product approvals, as well as dust, noise and vibration ratings. You can also contact us for expert advice.

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Safety training and certification

Effective training is key to increasing jobsite safety and maintaining productivity. We offer a large range of practical health and safety training modules, we can be tailored trainings to meet your needs. This can take place either at a location of your choice or online. Hilti products also own different certification.

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Simplify compliance tasks

Help keep your projects safety compliant with the ON!Track construction equipment management system. ON!Track automates and simplifies compliance tasks. When you choose the system, you can receive alerts every time a tool or piece of equipment need maintenance, calibration or testing, or even when staff training is needed. Your teams can also check how long they can safely use a tool simply by scanning it.

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CITF Safety-related Pre-approved Technologies

Construction Innovation and Technology Fund is a funding scheme established by the Development Bureau of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region that aims to provide the impetus to transform the local construction industry through automation, industrialization, and digitization; and to enhance the capability of existing and prospective practitioners to harness technology for the continuous improvement in Hong Kong’s construction industry. An array of Hilti’s professional solutions has been shortlisted on the pre-approved list. 

Safety-related Technologies on CITF Pre-approved List

More gain - less pain

Reduce strain with the EXO-O1 overhead exoskeleton for installation work