Features & Applications

  • Minimise downtime and liability risks – Hilti 6 ton crimpers/cutters can access our yearly certification and free tool inspection services
  • One-for-all versatility – one hydraulic tool compatible with three interchangeable jaws for industry-standard 6-Ton tubular dies (including DIN and NF)
  • Improved crimping quality – extensive third-party tests following IEC, DIN, NF and UL standards
  • Highest productivity – scissor-style jaws enable one-handed cutting and crimping, while the auto-retract function and long-lasting ACSR/Cu/Al blades help you to save time on every cable termination
  • On the Nuron battery platform – cordless hydraulic tools without compromise thanks to longer-lasting batteries, higher quality jaws and a range of services to keep you productive, today and tomorrow
  • Crimping NFC 20-130 copper compression cable lugs from 10-300 mm²
  • Crimping capacity from 10-240 mm² for copper and aluminium conductors
  • Cutting capacity of up to 33 mm (outer diameter) for copper and aluminium cables
  • Cutting capacity of up to 9 mm (HS) and 7.5 mm (EHS) guy wire (outer diameter)
  • Crimping overhead conductors with W-dies

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