Features & Applications

  • A better solution for cutting threaded rods – this slim and lightweight threaded rod cutter makes faster, cleaner and more precise cold cuts in less than 3 seconds, without creating chips or sparks
  • Higher productivity – easier and better handling for repetitive cuts both pre- and post-installation
  • More visibility in hard-to-reach areas – bright LED light illuminates the workspace without shadows, reducing the need for a separate light source
  • Safer jobsites – cut threaded rods are designed to fall into a waste collector for safer and easier disposal
  • Work more comfortably – with better balance and ergonomics, the compact threaded rod cutter allows users to work on overhead applications for longer without fatigue
  • One-handed cutting of metal threaded rods for various mechanical and electrical applications
  • Threaded rod cutting for both pre- and post-installation, including pipes, cable tray installations, ventilation ducts and suspended ceilings
  • Cutting 3/8” M6, M8 and M10 mild steel threaded rods; cutting 3/8” M6 and M8 stainless steel threaded rods

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