Features & Applications

  • Solid carbide head for top performance and reliability with less jamming when hitting rebar
  • Heat-treated flute for less wear
  • Indicator mark – the bit is suitable for setting anchors as long as this mark is visible
  • In the unlikely event of breakage, the drill bit will be considered for replacement as long as the wear mark on the helix is still visible
  • Unbeatable efficiency with our ultimate SDS Max drilling system – up to 50% higher concrete drilling speed and up to 30% longer battery life when you use your Hilti rotary hammer with Hilti TE-YX drill bits
  • Drilling holes for chemical anchors
  • Drilling holes for post-installed rebar connections
  • Drilling holes for medium- and heavy-duty anchors
  • Drilling through-holes and penetrations in reinforced concrete and masonry
  • Installing rebar using Hilti injectable adhesive mortar

Technical Data

Consulting & Support