Features & Applications

  • Increased versatility – quickly swap out plunge cut blade attachments to cover a wide range of base materials and applications
  • More sustainable - adapt the Hilti SMT-6 multitool for different applications and base materials by switching inserts, without stocking multiple tools
  • More flexibility – Starlock interface is compatible with all Starlock multitools on the market
  • Easier to change inserts - Starlock compatible interface for a safer and more convenient tool-free insert change
  • HCS blades for plunge cuts and cut-outs in softwood, drywall and plasterboard
  • BiM blade options for plunge cuts and cut-outs in hardwood, plastics, and metals
  • Carbide segmented blades for plunge cuts and cut-outs in metal and stainless steel
  • Expand the range of applications possible with the Hilti multitool

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