Features & Applications

  • Upgraded toothing – helps to increase cutting speed and precision while reducing debris and noise
  • Easier mounting on band saw – these blades are more flexible, making them simpler to replace and therefore helping to cut downtime
  • Longer lifespan – built to last up to 2.5 times longer than its predecessor
  • Blade printing – key information, including teeth-per-inch (TPI), is shown on every blade
  • Complete range – three TPI options available for most everyday cutting tasks, from thick pipes/profiles to light-duty strut
  • Cutting metal pipes, strut, threaded rod, rebar, etc.
  • Cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metal
  • Fast, rough cutting – choose a lower TPI blade
  • Fine, smooth cutting – choose a higher TPI blade
  • Cutting plastics

Technical Data

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