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Set a new standard for your post-installed rebar designs

Reduce Rework. Save Time. Control Costs.

PROFIS Rebar helps you quickly calculate post-installed rebar development lengths as an alternative to cast-in-place rebar installation - reducing redundancy, saving time, and controlling costs.

Stay Compliant

Calculation using Hilti Profis Rebar software in Post-installed rebar ensures the designs are compliant to the Eurocode & Hong Kong Building Codes. 

Reduce Redundancy

When cast-in-place rebar is missed during installation, or when retrofitting of an existing structure is necessary, PROFIS Rebar allows you to utilize EC2 development and splice provisions with post-installed rebar in lieu of removing and re-pouring concrete to install cast-in-place bars.

Control Costs

Utilizing post-installed rebar rather than removing and repouring contrete helps control project costs.


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Post-Install Rebar for Development

Design per EC2 development and splice provisions – and be confident your post-installed applications are up to standard. 

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Comprehensive Calculations

Designed to cater different structural element combinations including wall, slab, beam and column.

Design Reporting

Easily generate a report with development and splice calculations and EC2 & ETA references

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Approval Library

Access ETA approvals for comprehensive design and project reporting.