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Hilti products and solutions to help solve the toughest post-installed rebar challenges

Adhesive systems evaluated per the test programs outlined in European Assessment Document (EAD) for Post-Installed Adhesive Anchors in Concrete Elements demonstrate compliance with the Eurocode 1992-1-1 (EC2) and can be used to design post-installed reinforcing bars with the Eurocode (EC2) Requirements for post-installed rebar under anchorage and/or lap splice provision.

 SafeSet installation of post-installed rebar using the TE 70-ATC/AVR SDS Max (TE-Y) rotary hammer, a hollow drill bit and HIT-HY 200-R V3 mortar


Flexible design & seamless integration

Design code compliant post-installed rebar connections Profis Engineering Concrete to Concrete module. Add or extend concrete elements whether you're working with existing rebar or missing starter bars. Solve concrete structural joints and splices, and then verify the shear resistance at the interface between the old and new concrete. Need to adapt the layout or geometry of your post-installed rebar design? PROFIS lets you easily customize the diameter, embedment depth and spacing parameters for existing concrete as well as post-installed.

Rebar Design Solutions

PROFIS Rebar Design Software


With PROFIS Engineering, you can design, calculate and analyze multiple connection types, including PIR and Overlay. It’s based on the latest model building codes and regulations including Eurocode 2.

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Post-Installed Reinforcing Bar Guide

Post-Installed Reinforcing Bar Guide (English only)

Comprehensive information on post-installed rebar theory, design, and installation.

View the Post-Installed Reinforcing Bar Guide (English only)
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Rebar product solutions

HIT-RE 500 V3

Ultimate-performance injectable epoxy mortar with approvals for rebar connections and heavy-duty anchoring.

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HIT-HY 200 V3

Ultimate-performance injectable hybrid mortar with approvals for anchoring structural steel baseplate and post-installed rebar connections.

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HDE 500-22 cordless dispenser

Battery-powered hybrid/epoxy adhesive anchor dispenser with smart features to help increase speed, safety and reduce waste.

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Cordless rotary hammers

With Hilti cordless rotary hammers you can work faster, obtain better installation quality and help boost jobsite safety with virtually dust-free hole cleaning.

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Discover post-installed rebar productivity solutions