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When We Merge With Machines

How human augmentation can impact the construction industry

Sci-fi films like to conflate human augmentation with cyborgs. But in reality wearable devices are helping us work more safely and productively. Want the whole story? Download the full whitepaper below.

What is human augmentation?

Definition: Wearable devices that enhance a user's capability

In construction the technology seeks to supplement workers, not replace them. In fact, it can help make jobsites safer, address skilled labor shortages and enhance productivity.

Do we need human augmentation in construction?

498,000 workers

reported musculoskeletal injuries
as a result of their work in 2018–19

41 %

of these musculoskeletal injuries
related to the upper limbs and neck

8.9 million

working days were lost
due to work-related musculoskeletal injuries in 2019–20

63 %

of all people
would consider augmenting their bodies

Musculoskeletal injuries caused by overhead work have a profound effect on business productivity and employee wellbeing.


With the global human augmentation market projected to reach $22.4 billion by 2027, multiple industries are already developing human augmentation for their applications.

There is momentum behind human augmentation in the construction industry, and as a result the technology is making work safer. 

Addressing fatigue and productivity

How exoskeletons can enhance workers by reducing stress

Exoskeletons are wearable systems that follow the body's movement to provide assistance through assistive torques and structural support. Almost no modification to the workplace is required.

How can exoskeletons help you?

Exoskeletons help decrease the load on muscles and joints and reduce worker pain. 

Exoskeletons help improve worker comfort, enabling users to feel less fatigued.

Exoskeletons help companies retain workers longer by enhancing overall health.

Exoskeletons boost operations by advancing employee wellbeing and productivity.

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Embracing human augmentation

The technology can improve the lives – and work – of people everywhere

Construction companies have an opportunity to address issues caused by musculoskeletal injuries, including health concerns that affect employee wellbeing and productivity challenges. The time to act against musculoskeletal injuries and support workers is now.

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