Improving the fire safety of facades

The importance of properly firestopping the largest joint in a building


That narrow gap between your floor slab and façade is bigger than it looks! Take a 30 x 30 m. building with the usual 75mm void: that’s a tiny footprint, but it adds up to 9 m2 of open space for gas, smoke and flames to rise from floor to floor. After numerous fires – which have taken hold via these voids between the fire-rated floor and non-fire rated curtain wall – almost all international building codes now recognize how critical perimeter fire barriers are to the overall building safety plan.

Ambitious designs and strict schedules mean that perimeter fire containment must be quick and easy to install correctly. Acoustic, thermal and movement requirements can’t be ignored either. 

With these industry trends in mind, we have developed inventive fire compartmentation solutions that not only protect lives, but can solve other engineering, specification and installation challenges as well. Pre-formed firestop barriers and versatile spray sealants are at the forefront of this new generation.

CP CFS-SP WB Firestop joint sprays

The traditional spray

Our traditional, water-based sealant – CFS-SP WB – is a versatile spray for curtain wall or edge-of-slab applications where exposure to water and the elements is not anticipated during the lifecycle of the building.

As with other Hilti spray sealants, CFS-SP WB has high-performance movement capabilities that meet leading industry test standards and can easily be painted.

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