Hilti Diamond Cutting Product Workshop 2018

Our colleagues were doing final preparation for the product workshop

Creating a comfortable and safe work environment has always been the driving force of our continuous innovation in power tool products. Last month, we held our very first product workshop in Hong Kong and invited representatives from the demolishing and interior furnishing sector to have a first-hand experience of trying our newly released cutting, drilling and coring products. 



Our clients were trying out our newest TE 2000 Concrete Demolition Hammer

On the day of our event, we demonstrated our DD-WMS 100 water management system for diamond coring,TE 500-X and TE 2000 concrete demolition hammer, DST 20-CA diamond wall saw and DSW 3018-E electric wire saw which was designed specifically for concrete cutting.

The performance of our DD-WMS 100 water management system was a huge surprise to our guests. It is the very first “Zero Cleaning” drilling system in the industry as all waste water are collected, filtered and recycled in one single water collector. Not only did it improved operation efficiency, as mentioned by our guests, it also filled the rising need to cope with straight regulation when working in indoor environment which doesn’t allow water on the floor during the construction process.

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Our TE 500-X and TE 2000 concrete demolition hammer received very positive feedback for its light weight and outstanding anti-vibration feature. Our DST 20-CA diamond wall saw was also well received by our guests with its simple installation process, high speed and strong driving power.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude for the support and valuable feedback from our guests who came to our workshop. We will continue to conduct different product workshops in the coming future and invite more customers to experience our unique products. Also, we will never stop striving hard to provide safer and more efficient tools for our customers through our continuous innovations.

Our guests were discussing the features of our wire saw with our colleagues

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