Hilti's Cast-In Anchor Solution Elevates Safety Standards for Lift Installations

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Controlling risk through innovation. With over 75 years of experience in manufacturing solutions for construction professionals over the world, Hilti has taken the lead in partnering with the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) and Occupational Safety & Health Council (OSCH) to demonstrate how our cast-in anchor system elevates safety standards. During a recent presentation at the Hong Kong Construction Site Safety Forum, we presented this innovation as a key solution for controlling and mitigating risk at height during lift installations for lift contractors, builders and property owners.Best of all, Hilti’s Cast-In Solution is simplicity and efficiency rolled into one affordable and ingenious design. The anchor channels are easy to install and have been proven to reduce the bracket installation period by up to 15%, requiring less exposure time in the hoistway without compromising workmanship or quality standards.At Hilti, we pride ourselves on actively pursuing new and innovative ways to improve construction safety standards globally. From commercial and residential buildings in New York to the tallest building in China, Hilti’s Cast-In Solution provides a demonstrated history of productivity, reliability and increased safety.Contact us today to learn more about how to implement this system in your building project!

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