The VC 5-A22 dry vacuum cleaner combines strong performance with mobility

The Hilti VC range of vacuum cleaners continues to grow with the addition of the VC 5 A-22 Small, portable and powerful, the VC 5 A-22 is the first purely battery-powered dry vacuum cleaner and extends our range of universal vacuum cleaners in both corded and hybrid versions.

Our first portable vacuum cleaner for dry applications is your ideal partner on the construction site. Weighing in at only 4.3-kilograms and with an integrated shoulder strap, the VC 5-A22 is easy to handle and comfortable to carry. Its small format means it can also be easily stored during transportation, where it takes up little space. With a 2.5-meter flexible hose and two additional head attachments the VC 5-A22 can easily access hard-to-reach work areas. The 5-liter tank capacity and operation with or without a filter bag means the VC 5-A22 is ready whenever you need it.

Giving you the performance your business requires, the Hilti VC 5-A22 dry vacuum cleaner offers:

  • Best in class suction power expanding the range of cleaning and dust extraction jobs.
  • ECO mode enables constant performance for up to 40 minutes.
  • Filter cleaning at the push of a button ensures uninterrupted suction power.
  • The VC 5-A22 is fully compatible with Hilti’s 22-volt platform, meaning that you can use it with our 22-volt batteries. 

For the greatest power range we recommend using the tool with our B 22/5.2 battery pack


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We offer you a complete range of powerful, general purpose vacuum cleaners for wet and dry construction site applications. Select the right vacuum cleaner for your needs from either corded or hybrid models. Choose between a capacity of 21, 36 or 72 liters.