Tips to ensure optimal performance of vacuum cleaner

If you have purchased our vacuum cleaners for over 6 months, it's a good time to check the filters to ensure optimal performance.

As shared from Tool Service Center, there is an increasing trend of repair request for vacuum cleaners around 10 months after purchasing. They found out the drop in performance is mainly due to filter damage in the cleaners.

Here are 3 steps for you to check the status of your filters

VC filter tear check

1. Is there any tears in the filter?

VC filter gasket check point

2. What is the state of gasket?

Corrupted | Broken | Cracked

VC filter check point - distortion and jammings

3. Is there any distortion or jammings in the filter?

  • Distortion caused by water for Dry type filter
  • Distortion due to weakening strength after heavy usage
  • Jamming as shown in the round marks on the surface


When a filter is damaged, dust is trapped in the system, causing adverse effect on the motor.

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Dusty motor | Clean motor

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Fire by dust on the motor | Clean motor

HILTI provides filters for your needs

Regular check and replace filters in your vacuum cleaners will help to ensure they are providing optimal performance. We have different types of filters for you to choose according to your application and jobsite needs. 

Filter VC 20/40 Universal type

Filter VC 20/40 Universal type

With polyester used as the fiber, this filter is ideal for wet application, such as concrete with water.

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Filter VC 20/40 Dry type

Filter VC 20/40 Dry type

Robust paper is used as the fiber, which is perfect for absorbing dry dust, wood scraps and other dry waste.

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To ensure you are enjoying best in class performance with our vacuum cleaners, make sure you have selected the correct dust management solutions to go with the power tools. If you have a heavy dust removal application, you can also use a dust bag to protect the motor for better maintenance.