Features & Applications

  • Smoother progress on-site – this passive exoskeleton supports the wearer, helping to cut down on overexertion injuries, rest breaks and sick leave during construction work
  • All-day comfort – weighing under 2 kg (4.4 lbs.), this ultralight exoskeleton can help delay arm/shoulder muscle fatigue during long periods of overhead work
  • Freedom of movement – provides dynamic support without restricting the range of motion of arm and torso
  • Versatile – engineered to provide support for virtually any overhead installation work on construction jobsites
  • No batteries needed – no power source to charge and no motors to maintain help ensure your overhead exoskeletons are ready whenever you need them
  • Installing overhead air ducts and ventilation equipment
  • Installing overhead sprinklers
  • Installing overhead piping
  • Fastening overhead cables and conduits
  • Hanging drywall board

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EXO-O1 Construction Exoskeleton

Redefine overhead work with Hilti's upper-body exoskeleton

Help keep your projects running smoothly with the EXO-O1 exoskeleton – Hilti’s new transformative technology designed to help improve jobsite efficiency, while assisting with alleviating upper-body fatigue and pain resulting from repetitive overhead tasks. 

To help ensure you’re getting the most of out of your EXO-O1 on the jobsite, Hilti offers implementation, training and support for your EXO-O1. It’s one more way Hilti is there for you from start to finish.

Enhanced jobsite safety and efficiency

Focusing on reducing strain and fatigue for both experienced and novice users, the EXO-O1 not only helps take on the health and safety of workers, but also helps maintain high productivity levels on the jobsite. The EXO-O1 construction exoskeleton brings safety and comfort to demanding applications like suspended ceiling, overhead piping, air duct, cables and conduit installation among others.

Designed for construction

The EXO-O1 reimagines overhead applications during a time the construction industry is experiencing a labor shortage. Created specifically for the construction industry, Hilti’s innovative upper-body exoskeleton solution was designed in collaboration with a global leader in prosthetics, orthotics and exoskeletons. This innovation helps alleviate the impact of physically intensive work, keeping your crew safe and healthier, and in turn helping ensure sustained efficiency – allowing you to attract and retain skilled labor.

Less pain, more gain

Offering an unimpeded range of motion in an easy-to-wear and lightweight solution weighing in at less than 5 lbs., the EXO-O1 provides dynamic support without restricting the span of motion of the arm and torso. The EXO-O1 leverages passive exoskeleton technology that is intuitive, well-balanced and easy-to-adjust on a wide variety of body types. 

Versatility and mobility

The EXO-O1 is engineered to provide support for virtually any overhead installation work on construction jobsites. There’s no power source needed and no motors to maintain, helping to ensure your construction exoskeleton is ready whenever you need it. This lightweight system with a wearable backpack design helps to reduce the impact of physically intensive, repetitive movements from overhead and shoulder height applications, allowing you to more safely and effectively tackle overhead work.

Adjust your EXO-O1 for the perfect fit

Unparalleled support with adaptability

Hilti’s new EXO-O1 upper-body exoskeleton can assist with reducing arm and shoulder muscle fatigue during long periods of overhead work, while giving you freedom of movement and a full range of motion. The ultralight exoskeleton, weighing in at less than 5 lbs., offers dynamic support and control through easy adjustability for a wide range of body types. 

Like any technology designed to support and enhance your movement, adapting the EXO-O1 for the correct fit is an essential part of the productivity and safety gains. Designed with the construction worker’s comfort in mind, this lightweight system with a backpack design can be adapted quickly based on user’s width and height. With the right modifications for your physique, you’ll experience maximum comfort and performance. 

How to adapt your EXO-O1 for the best fit

Adjust the EXO-O1 for height

  • For best comfort, the highest point of shoulder hinge should be parallel with your shoulder
  • Locate the silver threaded rods at the base of the back supports
  • Loosen the black lock nuts and twist the threaded rods: clockwise to lower the back support and counterclockwise to raise the back support
  • Twist the black lock nut clockwise to lock the height of the back support in place

Adjust the EXO-O1 for width

  • For best comfort, the back braces should be parallel with one another, and aligned with shoulder blades
  • Locate the ball socket units at the base of each of the back supports
  • In each ball socket unit, squeeze/pinch the locking clip and pull the locking clip out of the unit
  • Move the ball hinge unit along the waist belt and insert the locking clip to secure the ball socket unit; check to make sure each side is equally spaced

Adjust the EXO-O1 for tensioning assistance

The tension-support range of the EXO-O1 can also be adjusted depending on the job or preference:

  • Attach the magnetic adjusting knob to the narrow end of the shoulder hinge
  • Increase the assistance tension by turning the magnetic adjustment knob clockwise or decrease the assistance by turning it counterclockwise 

As with all Hilti’s solutions, we offer EXO-O1 implementation, training and support services on the jobsite for you and your crew, helping to ensure that you’ve got the right fit and are able to take advantage of all the benefits of this transformative new technology. 

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