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Modular Support System vs. Welding

Helping to improve productivity, flexibility, and safety compared to traditional methods

Hilti's modular designs can be pre-assembled or cut in the field more quickly than welded systems. Completely flexible and adjustable on the jobsite Hilti's modular support systems offers a cost and time-saving solution by helping reduce rework.

Modular Support Systems vs. Welded Steel

2 X Faster

Fabrication and assembly of modular systems can be significantly faster than comparable welded systems.

99 KG CO2 Reduction

From weight reduction to corrosion protection, modular supports are a modern solution for your secondary supports applications.

Benefits of Hilti's Modular Support System

During planning

Achieve efficiency with engineering support

  • Qualified engineers with expertise to optimize your design, using new and improved software for analyzing, designing, and modeling modular support systems  
  • Streamlined and gloabally availble portfolio of interchangeable components and connections, scalable with your projects and applications

During construction

Improve jobsite productivity and flexibility

  • Cutting, kiting and pre-assembly for faster on-site construction without welding or damage of base material

  • Modular construction methods allow for easier transportation and site handling

  • Adjustable components accommodate numerous site conditions, helping reduce costly delays, rework or repairs and without requiring heavy lifting

Modular Support Systems Applications

Piping supports

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Electrical supports

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Ventilation supports

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