Piping Supports

A single seamless solution for your installation requirements

Available in various profiles and with corrosion resistance, Hilti modular systems are ideal for a wide range of piping support applications across many industries and segments. These supports can be preassembled and adjusted in the field, bringing more productivity compared to traditional welded systems.


Benefits of Hilti's Modular Support System

Productivity and flexibility

Hilti's modular system offers several key enhancements when compared to traditional welded applications so you can do more with less. 

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Easy on-site adjustments

Installation and on-site adaptations of MT components are more intuitive and seamless with Hilti's innovative Twist-Lock connectors.

Vibration and corrosion resistant

With a cutting-edge zinc magnesium coating, Hilti's modular systems are designed to provide optimal corrosion resistance for both indoor and outdoor exposure.

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Reliable Engineering support

Hilti engineers can offer you customized, code compliant structural design and analysis using the new Modular System product portfolio and PROFIS MSE software