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SafeSet system for installing rebar connections with HIT-RE 500 V3 epoxy mortar
SafeSet system for the reliable and simple installation of anchors and rebar connections

SafeSet is the Hilti system for setting anchors and post-installed rebar connections.
SafeSet helps ensure that anchors can carry their maximum load values safely, minimizing the risk of anchor failure. It’s designed to speed up the installation of anchors and rebar connections and to make them safer and more reliable. 
All SafeSet components are covered by international approvals and work seamlessly as a system.



SafeSet system for hammer-drilled holes with hollow drill bit

Eliminate extra steps with our hollow drill bits

Clean holes as you drill with our TE-CD (SDS-Plus) or TE-YD (SDS-Max) hollow drill bits connected to the VC 20/40 concrete dust vacuum system and eliminate six manual steps as the dust is then removed automatically.

Just drill the hole, inject the adhesive and set the anchor.

SafeSet Method vs. Traditional Method

SafeSet method vs. traditional method from drilling to installation for rebar

Automatic cleaning with our hollow drill-bit

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