Easily create reports on completed fastenings for documentation and quality control

Full accountability has never been easier. Use this Adaptive Torque Documentation Software to transfer the job history from the impact wrench to your computer. With this data, you can quickly generate installation reports to show Specifiers and Inspectors that the fasteners meet their requirements.

Simplify inspections

From a Specifier’s perspective, this documentation shows that the anchors have been correctly pre-torqued and should meet certification requirements. From an Installer’s point of view, it can help you breeze through site inspections with confidence.

Customize installation reports

The report lists all products used, the method of selection (scan or manual), project information, and completion time and date. You can filter which fields should be shown on your report.

Keep your Adaptive Torque modules up-to-date

The Adaptive Torque system is being continuously expanded to work with more Hilti fasteners and modular support systems. With this software, you can ensure that the latest firmware and fastener information is available on the jobsite.

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