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Zinc Magnesium Corrosion Protection

Enhanced corrosion resistance with Hilti's modular support system

Corrosion is a natural yet costly and potentially dangerous process that occurs in virtually all compounds. It can cause structural deficiencies that require costly repair or replacement and result in loss of time, but it’s not always easy to find compromised components until it’s too late.

Zinc magnesium offers enhanced corrosion resistance when compared to conventional zinc-coated steel, without significantly increasing the coating thickness.


Test proof of MT System Zinc-Magnesium coating

A new manufacturing process is used to bind the zinc and magnesium to the bare metal surface. This results in less zinc being used, making the coating thinner, lighter, and applied more evenly throughout the components surface area compared to traditional HDG coatings. 

The thinner coating thickness also improves the forming properties of the component members, improving the mechanical properties of bends and thread deformations. This also means that even hard to reach corners, like inside bends, have better corrosion protection. 

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Hilti’s coating solution provides optimal corrosion protection for low to moderate environments in accordance with the latest and highest international standards. It equals the performance of traditional, fully hot-dip galvanized (HDG) coated systems, providing  relible lifespans (depending on the specific environmental circumstances – please refer to the Hilti Corrosion Handbook for more information).

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Benefits of zinc magnesium compared to traditional zinc coatings

Better corrosion resistance

Higher robustness

Cost optimization

Environmental protection

Better appearance

Modular Support Systems Applications

Piping supports

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Electrical supports

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Ventilation supports

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